Transform your business into the Future

Are you ready for the next level of success? Secure the lead among your competition with a custom high-end application built specifically for your needs.

Android Native


With 2.5 billion active Android smartphone users, now is the time to reach your customers using this amazing platform. We can help you harness this great technology to provide your customers and employees advanced and intuitive experiences.




Do you ever see anyone without a phone these days. If you do, it is a rarity. Our iPhone app building skills will have your application launched before you know it.  We make them usable on all platforms, one of which, is IOS.  Business Insider says that IOS users are spending millions of dollars in app purchases. Of course our clients look forward to having their application in the iPhone App Store for this very reason. Luckily we focus in, to make your app perform seamlessly on IOS so that your loyal app users don’t have to wait to get their hands on it.

Web Based


Looking for a stronger media solution than just a website? We’ve got you covered. We develop web apps that can help your company, by dynamically bringing you the same excellent quality that you get on your mobile devices.


Slash Code Tech

Who doesn’t need a mobile app these days to get a leg up on their competitors? Here at Slash Code Tech we bring mobile to you…swiftly, sensibly, satisfaction guaranteed.

Feel lost when it comes to mobile app solutions? Our customers have experienced the same feelings. No worries; we always follow our tried and true process. You should expect to get not only what you want, but what you need, out of your app. Our professional team performs when it comes to listening to your ideas and information, then presenting you with a product that performs better than expected. We don’t settle for anything less than absolute satisfaction.

The owner, Kyle Smith has 10+ years expert level programming. He loves learning new things and taking on new challenges. You can bet that one of those will be to ensure you as a client are taken care of. The hope is that you will respond like previous clients by referring your friends and acquaintances to us when they need work done, all because you as a customer are more than satisfied!

Slash Code Tech is also a parent company to where we specialize in building websites. The two go hand in hand. Often our customers want both mobile apps and a website. Check out today to see the quality websites we build.